Data Leaders Fellowship Programme

Data Leaders Fellowship Programme

What It's About

What if you had your county data on a dash board? Wouldn't you be more effective in your decision making and resource management?

The Data Leaders Fellowship (DLF) is an 8 weeks program designed to bring together selected County Chief Officers, in the Planning and Devolution Departments, to build their capacity on data management and governance for effective decision making.
The program seeks county officers who are passionate and have been keen on using data to promote public participation, track county performance and implement change initiatives that focus on impacting citizen’s lives.
During the 8 weeks, the chief county planning officers will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to identify, harness and share knowledge and resources that will strengthen their county’s data value chain - from collection to decision making. They will also be given an opportunity to design their own county data desks frameworks.

What To Expect

  • Interact with mentors comprising internationally acclaimed data leaders from various international data-driven organisations.
  • In an approach that blends both online and physical interactions, they will also be exposed to data management best practices and tools from around the world as well as share experiences and lessons with each other. 
  • Exchange experiences and knowledge on how to position change using data use, data literacy with different audiences within county governments, county assemblies and citizens.
  • Participating Chief Officers will work on the development of a practical and innovative data toolkit to identify, collect, manage, analyze, and utilize data, for use by data leaders in Kenya and around the world.

Thematic Areas

What You Will Gain

The Chief Officers will have the opportunity to work with their fellow peers and data experts as they learn and contribute towards the development of a practical and innovative data toolkit that will help identify, collect, manage, analyze, and utilize data to position them as county change agents that  make well-informed data-driven decisions for development.

Data Collection Tools & Knowledge.

Data collection doesn’t have to be too technical or expensive. Learn how to leverage on available tools and knowledge to build your County’s database.

Manage & Analyze your data.

By using simple tools, you can make sense of your data and support smart decision making in your county.

Make use of your data.

Generate engaging reports and visualise what your county looks like, in numbers, and communicate the information in ways that stimulate better engagement with colleagues and other stakeholders, including citizens

Information technology.

Understanding effective tools and infrastructure that will serve the county with strategies, techniques, frameworks and methodologies

The Fellowship Program

Our Application Process Closes on 20th of July 2021

Week 1
Physical Workshop Venue: Coast Region
Week 2 - Week 4
Self-paced online learning and Virtual online learning
Week 5
Physical Workshop
Week 6
Self-paced online learning
Week 7 - Week 8
Practical task - developing a data maturity plan (with support of OI)
Week 9
Physical Workshop: Graduation